Ledbury Baptist Church is a small friendly church seeking to build a true sense of Kingdom community. It is first and foremost a community of people who have a love for God and believe that this should be expressed both within the church as they share their lives together.

Whilst the church would not describe itself as overtly charismatic, it is open to the gifts and working of the Holy Spirit and this is expressed in the worship experienced each Sunday. At its heart the church believes it has a remit to share the love of God amongst those in the congregation and by so doing reveal the compassion and love that God has for the town of Ledbury.

The church has no full time leader but instead is run by a laity leadership. The elders look after the spiritual needs of the church with a team supporting them, whilst the deacons attend to the practical needs and the management of the church resources. Whilst the church has established this formal leadership structure, the reality is that all those within the church seek to lead in their own specific area of calling and service. 

The church has built strong links with the other churches in the town and with them is seeking to establish a greater joint Christian presence in the town. Under the auspices of Tony Hodder's ministry (curate at the Anglican Church) the church holds joint services with all the other denominations at times throughout the year. It also invites ministry from a variety of congregations within our Sunday worship. The churches meet weekly to pray on a Thursday under the banner of the 7/12/7 initiative and there is a joint time of worshipo and ministry held at the Pool Barn each Monday Evening

The church places great emphasis on its meeting together as it believes the heart of its calling is to further relationships both in the individual's walk with God but also in the fellowship the members share with one another. To facilitate this the church meets each Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month) at 10.30. Sometimes the emphasis is on teaching and worshipping God. But increasingly we are developing an informal style of fellowship where all can contibute. Housegroups run each week on a variety of weekdays and these are a source of great fellowship and sharing for all who attend. 

The church also wishes to share its sense of community with others and to this end hosts "Messy Church" on the first Saturday of each month at 3.30pm. This is open to everyone but is aimed at young families and those with pre school or primary age children. The emphasis is on fun, fellowship, art and craft and we get to eat together as well - what better way could you find of spending a Saturday afternoon!

In all its activities the church adopts the following policy to safeguarding

Safeguarding Children Policy Statement for LBC v0-0f (Oct 2017).docx
Safeguarding Procedures for LBC v0-0g (Oct 2017).docx