The Church of Ledbury

The leadership of LBC is committed to the principle of "The Church of Ledbury", meaning that whilst we recognise that we are pastorally divided into denominational families the New Testament remains clear that the local church comprises of all the fellowships within a geographical area. So we are "pastorally divided but geographically united". Increasingly we sense that God has been encouraging us to see the church as one cohesive body across the town.

Under the ministry of Tony Hodder, curate at the Anglican Church, the churches are coming together to support each other in ministry, worship and prayer and increasingly in outreach as well.

At present all the churches close their Sunday services and meet at St Michael's three times a year. In January for the week of prayer for Christian Unity, in May for Pentecost, and a service around Christmas.

In 2015 the churches established the 7/12/7 prayer initiative. Born out of a 24 hour of prayer vigil on Maundy Thursday all the leaders and the members of the respective congregations meet at 7am, 12pm and 7pm each Thursday for prayer.

Every Monday there is a time of Worship and Prayer Ministry which again reaches across the churches and is held at The Pool Barn in Staplow at 8pm. 

We welcome the ministry of others within our own services and ministers and members from many of the churches have spoken at our Sunday morning worship over the years.

The notion of "The Church of Ledbury" is moving forward but we sense that there are greater things that we can do and achieve together that we don't have the resource for as individual churches