Church Meetings

In a constant desire to remain open to God and develop a structure that can remain a wineskin into which God can pour new wine, the meeting structure of the church is constantly changing but the major elements are as follows:


Church Sunday Service

The church meets at 10.30am each Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month). Sometimes the emphasis will be on a time of worship and teaching but increasingly the church is looking to develop a style of worship that accommodates an element of interaction and ministry within the congregation 


House groups are a key building block within the church. They meet in the homes around Ledbury and the emphasis is
 on teaching and bible study as well as fellowship and supporting each other spiritually and practically.

Prayer Meetings

The church meets often to pray together every Sunday at 9.45 as part of its Sunday morning worship. Alongside this the church encourages its congregation to become involved in the 7/12/7 prayer initiative which seeks to draw people from all the churches to pray together each Thursday at 7am, 12pm and 7pm 

Monday Fellowship 
The Monday fellowship meets on a Monday afternoon and by definition tends to attract those of an age who no longer have work commitments. Having said that all are welcome

Sunday Club

The church seeks to ensure there is some provision for those who are of Primary School age